Full Service Repair Lab

Fully compliant with stringent military and industrial standards, CTI’s certified full service repair lab offers inspection, part replacement and periodic preventive maintenance of ruggedized hardware and sub systems units, along with operational verification via analytical testing when applicable.

Our highly-trained technicians provide timely evaluations of failure, and have the experience and equipment to offer a cost-effective yet through resolution to problems
large and small.

End-to-End R&D
& Engineering Services

CTI is a one-stop-shop for defense, law enforcement, first response, smart city, manufacturing, and homeland security systems.

CTI offers one of the industry’s widest range of services:
From electrical and mechanical engineering to product design and development, including prototype building, integration, testing, manufacturing and full Environment and EMI/RFI qual.

Our designs range from individual sub-system units to full systems based on customer specifications, and our own experience – including tactical computers and ruggedized add-ons.

We also offer top-tier electronics modifications and system sterilization, ruggedization of computers with our custom docking stations, ground and Command Control systems, and cutting-edge communications and networking solutions.

To ensure both quality and performance in the field, CTI also offers full system qualification, testing and reporting, and a complete documentation package.

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