AI-Based Video
Content Analytics

CTI bridges the camera-to-operator detection gap with robust AI-based Video Content Analytics (VCA) products. Our line of VCA products enables safety, pro

ductivity, inspection and security in challenging and uncontrolled environments, under any weather and lighting conditions – including crowd monitoring and monitoring of uncooperative and or in-moti

on subjects. For facial recognition and indexing, active mobility device safety, driver monitoring and video analytics for seaports and ground transportation hubs.

In cooperation with Cynapse


CTI VCA technology is ideal:

Social Distancing

In health-conscious situations like the Covid-19 pandemic, CTI enables automatic detection of crowd congregation and dispersal – alerting authorities to dangerous or illegal social behavior. The solution can also measure and alert when a minimum distance is not maintained between crowd members during a predefined timeframe.

Crowd Analytics

Crowd analytics solutions from CTI offer instantaneous counting of people within a defined area, or entering and
exiting a space. Including crowd size and social distancing, our solutions also identify personal demographics and pre-defined appearance criteria using facial recognition.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition and indexing solutions from CTI enable automatic recognition and alerting of both whitelisted and blacklisted persons within camera range. Recognizing identities even in uncontrolled, challenging environments, and with masks and glasses – CTI offers cutting-edge facial recognition capabilities.

Active Mobility Enforcement

For both human-powered and engine-powered personal mobility devices (PMDs), rider and pedestrian safety is a top law enforcement priority. Ensuring that only approved devices stay on approved paths within legal speed limits and with proper rider safety gear is a tough task for manual enforcement, but one that CTI’s VCA-powered technology easily accomplishes.

Road Safety

CTI’s AI-based video content analytics detect road safety violations with over 90% accuracy and speeding with more than 80% accuracy. Our solutions have passed numerous field tests by government authorities including Singapore’s Govtech and LTA (Land Transportation Authority), and work with any COTS cameras and hardware in most weather and lighting conditions.

Driver Monitoring

On-board VCA products from CTI can detect unsafe driver behavior including fatigue, eating, drinking, mobile phone use and more in real-time. Our solutions also detect suspicious or unauthorized personnel in vehicles, and can generate real-time alerts or even activate visual and audio notifications in the vehicle. All events are logged and transferred to on-premise or cloud systems via 3G/4G/5G/WiFi, enabling maintenance of a ‘Driver Safety Scorecard’ for monitoring, training and enforcement.

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