CTI situational awareness 360

The CTI 360 delivers vision, command and control capabilities for vehicles in harsh and challenging environments.

With the ability to stitch 360° video in real time with low latency, the Octopus 360 is completely agnostic to camera position. The system supports a wide range of display options (up to eight displays, from 10’ to big screen, including optional use of virtual reality glasses and a projector), and enables real time recording of raw material and offline playback for simulation and investigation.

Flexible as well as rugged, the Octopus 360 features a customizable and open API for video analytics integration and advanced display capabilities to present different sensors.
It supports a variety of camera formats, including day and night cameras from multiple vendors, and offers seamless integration with Lidar, GPS and other sensors. To enable control over systems in multiple vehicles, the Octopus 360 offers an integral control unit and on-board server.

Body Worn
Camera System

Law enforcement and security personnel are adopting Body-Worn Camera (BWC) systems to enhance officer safety, improve command situational awareness, increase public confidence in policing, lower complaints against officers, augment officer training by enabling performance review of actual
incidents, and more.

BWC solutions from CTI feature:

Real-time HD video

Real time live streaming of multiple video feeds from officer BWCs, based on 1080P local camera with built-in LTE/4G/Wifi for wireless video/audio transmission.

Two-way audio

Two-way audio communication for more effective emergency management, command and control leveraging built-in speaker and microphone for intercom and broadcast.

Seamless coverage

BWCs extend the field of coverage of fixed surveillance cameras, especially at emergency scenes

SOS communication

Support for SOS communication in emergencies and voice communication between camera wearers

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